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Dr. Camilo Cruz is considered one of the leading experts in the areas of personal growth, business excellence and leadership, both in the United States and Latin America. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well small businesses, entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce and professional associations. He has participated in numerous conventions, and events attended by tens of thousands of people from over 100 countries. Time and time again, his enthusiasms, sense of humor, and refreshing perspectives on “what it takes to succeed” have delighted and enlighten every audience.

Dr. Cruz has participated in events in Latin America, the U.S. and Europe. Before every presentation he discusses with each client the company goals, philosophy, business opportunity, language and even the challenges and difficulties they may want to address during the event. All of this so he can tailor presentation that includes clear and precise strategies in the most vital areas, and can deliver his talks either in English or Spanish.

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Switching the Mindset

How to stop thinking as employees and start thinking as entrepreneurs

The most frequent reason why people fail in their business is because they come to him thinking like ordinary people and never leave there. Upon leaving this seminar, attendees will know how successful entrepreneurs think and what changes they must make to think and act in the same way.

Once upon a Cow

How to get rid of the excuses that keep us from succeeding

Once Upon a Cow will motivate participants to develop a positive mental attitude to achieve a high level of productivity in the development of their work. When we learn to overcome our fears and focus on our strengths, we achieve results never before imagined. Participants will learn to maintain a high level of motivation and those persons who have stalled will renew their enthusiasm to expand their career, increase their sales, pursue their goals and grow their organizations.

Sales superstars

Outstanding customer service builds relationships that last a lifetime

This presentation is a truly treasure chest that will help your team to add persuasion to all your negotiations. Find out what are the most common objections from customers and prospects and learn how to respond to them safely. This will allow you to attract more people to your business, establish loyalty to your products and create loyalty among all your clients.

ACTIONEERING ™ – Action is the key

Good intentions are worthless… Only action matters

Albert Einstein used to say, “Before anything happens we’ve got to do something”. It sounds simple, but the fact is that more businesses die for lack of action than for any other reason. Good intentions do not produce results. Only action does. Big dreams and great expectations, by themselves, do not increase productivity or improve performance unless they are backed by swift and decisive action.

Dr. Cruz’s clients agree on something: Camilo conveys a powerful idea and a lasting change

“The principles shared by Dr. Cruz in his books and presentations are extraordinary; have no comparison with those we are used to see with many speakers. The productivity of our team increased significantly because they believe even more in what they do and want to work hard to achieve it ”.

Monica Naranjo – Aventis Pharma

“With Once Upon a Cow, Dr. Cruz reminds the audience how to break through their barriers, and ultimately, how as human beings and sole decision makers for our life and destiny, we can make a difference in our lives. I recommend using his agile and empowering messages as a tool for our teams to enhance their lives by removing those barriers and facing new commitments ”.

Dino Nasi – FEDEX Senior Manager Latin-America

Why is Dr. Cruz the right one for your organization?

Dr. Cruz has an excellent ability to motivate and inspire participants to expand their mindset and build their own success. Dr. Cruz core message? One idea that is at the heart of all organizational core culture: “The success of any company or organization is simply a reflection of the success, degree of motivation and commitment of its people.” Any strategy seeking to improve performance and productivity must begin by helping individuals redefine success and excellence in their own lives.

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